Mu-Xing Self Care

Cost $135
6 CE’s

About Mu-Xing Self Care
Mu-Xing Self Care is a self treatment using Mu-Xing Tools specially crafted from natural rosewood and bamboo. Mu-Xing Self Care works to promote overall wellbeing and to bring balance to body, mind and spirit.

Healing Properies of Wood
Wood brings the energy of spring, birth and renewal; symbolizing life energy, strength, prosperity, longevity and peace. These energies allow us to move forward in our lives with vision and determination.
Mu-Xing Self Care is open to professional bodyworkers and non-professionals. You will learn a full body self care treatment that will leave you feeling balanced and energized. The treatment is an excellent adjunct to your yoga and mediation practice as well as any fitness routine. Mu-Xing works to balance energy through acupoints and meridian work and will increase circulation and flexibility.
This course is highly recommended for students who have taken the Mu-Xing Therapy Fundamentals Workshop. Students will improve their skills in palpation, sensitivity and techniques using the bamboo and rosewood tools by working with their own bodies. Mu-Xing Therapy will also help in keeping your hands, wrists and forearms in optimum working condition. 
Mu-Xing self care kits will be available for purchase.


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