About Mu-Xing

What is Mu-Xing Therapy?

Mu-Xing Therapy is a treatment using warm bamboo and rosewood tools to perform deep tissue massage techniques. Using different sized and shaped tools, the therapist applies a variety of massage strokes which address ischemic tissue and promote a deep sense of overall well being and relaxation.

What are Mu-Xing tools made from?

There are 2 types of wood used in Mu-Xing Therapy; Rosewood and Bamboo.

Rosewood is a hardwood usually deep red in color, found in Brazil, East India, Japan and Madagascar. Our Mu-Xing rosewood tools are individually hand carved. Each rosewood piece is unique and specially crafted for Mu-Xing techniques.

Our bamboo is 100% natural. We do not use any varnish or finishes. Using bamboo in this raw form allows for greater sensitivity and palpation of the tissue and muscles. Mu-Xing tools are made from cross sections of solid bamboo which are then compressed and cut into pieces. The bamboo pieces are finely sanded and ready for practicing Mu-Xing. This process creates a sturdy and long lasting product. Mu-Xing tools are easy to maintain because simple imperfections can be smoothed easily with an emery board or fine sand paper.

How can Mu-Xing Therapy help my massage practice?

Mu-Xing Therapy tools are specially crafted to deliver a full body, deep tissue massage effortlessly. Mu-Xing tools act as an extension of your hands reducing overall wear and tear on the hands, wrists and arms. The warmth of the tools helps to melt muscular tension and allow the therapist to work deeper with less effort.

The Mu-Xing Difference

The Mu-Xing Kit is the Ultimate Starter Kit with everything you need to practice table, chair and facial techniques.You can build your own Mu-Xing Kit or add additional tools to enhance your kit at any time.

Mu-Xing is constantly developing custom, innovative tools to save your hands like the Embracing Spine and tools for Self Care like the Great Wave.
Mu-Xing Self Care products are available for you to re-sell to your clients.
Mu-Xing Therapy offers several levels of certification.
Mu-Xing Therapy Practitioner Locator: once you have taken a webinar or live class you will be added to an on-line searchable database.
Mu-Xing offers a variety of advanced workshops like Mu-Xing Zone Therapy and Advanced Mu-Xing Therapy as well as on-location Spa Intensive Trainings and Webinars.

Once you have taken a Mu-Xing workshop you will become part of the Mu-Xing community. You will have access to continued instructor support and advanced notice of any new products or workshops


Deliver a full body, deep tissue massage..... effortlessly

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The tools melt muscular tension allowing the therapist to work deeper with less effort.

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